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Alex Favali

Visual: photography, web design, graphic design

Visual ideas as if there was no box.

Alex Favali



professional visual ideas

Our mission statement:


To create long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships that foster and inspire personal and business growth in a fully transparent environment.

To constantly improve our skills for the benefit of the various stakeholders with whom we will be working.

This is what puntoitalia can offer:

web and graphic design

We combine flair and functionality to create outstanding sites suitable to our clients' needs. Our graphic creations are a clever mix of European and Australian touch. Yes, a unique flavour indeed. We specialise in corporate image (logos, annual reports, brochures, publications, the works) and Joomla driven sites.



The clients for whom we design sites can now relax and enjoy our comprehensive and scalable web hosting services. All this has been made possible via the IT arm of puntoitalia, CMS hosting. Our pricing has been set up so that you can get the best value money can buy.




To complement our graphic and web design divisions we have now introduced photography amongst our services. Food and products are what we like best, but of course, we can offer an all-round assistance for your next advertising campaign or ads.

Remember, whether it is web driven or paper-based, puntoitalia can definitely get involved to make sure you will be achieving the best results, no matter the budget.


And last but not least,

search engine optimisation

Whether your website is suffering a decrease in traffic due to recent Google updates or if you just want to know how to better optimise your website, our standard high ranking SEO consultation provides you with an in-depth analysis and review using our result-driven SEO checklist.

Our SEO gurus are always in touch with the latest trends and algorithms to ensure your sites are up-to-date with Google's oh ever so tough rules.


puntoitalia pty ltd can offer unmatched professional services when it comes to photography, web design, graphic design/corporate image and, to bring it all together, search engine optimisation and web hosting.


Affordable solutions to your visual needs are only a phone call or an email away.

Why I’m a member
of Collabrio…

I have only recently joined this club.  A long-term client of mine has been a member of this group for thirteen years, and when there was an opening for my category he invited me to a meeting.  I joined the club the following week.