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Trevor Bailey

Proof Reading and Copy Editing

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When you write something, you are communicating. Your reader will receive mixed or confusing messages if your document contains sloppy English, even if it is only bad spelling or incorrect grammar. Poor writing reflects on you, the Author, not just the message!

You want your written word to be clear, unambiguous and understood from the first reading. My job is to help you achieve that.

Why do you need my service?

1. When we write or type a document in any form, we can only view it from our own perspective. This means that, very often, we simply won’t recognise mistakes when we re-read our own work. That’s why my independent and expert eyes are needed to correct errors at the outset.


2. Sometimes the message is a little complicated. You may understand exactly what you are writing, but if your word choice or construction of language is lacking, your reader will not fully understand – your communication is unclear! Sometimes a minor rearrangement of the sentence can improve its readability from difficult to fluent. The easier it is to read, the better the comprehension of the reader.


3. Rules! People vary enormously in their knowledge and understanding of the rules of grammar, syntax, and spelling, for example; this can be by reason of age and educational level. The simplest way of making sure that your message gets through, no matter what, is to “follow the rules”.


4. There is a wide range of genres in writing. For example, a formal technical report should not contain slang or colloquialisms, but an autobiography written without those would be lacking in heart and soul. Part of my job is to ensure that the style of the written word matches the intent of the communication.

  • Club member since 1999.
  • One of our longest standing members — very well respected and liked by all of Collabrio!
  • Guides new members — and often old ones too, should they find themselves in tricky situations.
  • Trevor has a diverse background and a depth of business knowledge.

Why I’m a member
of Collabrio…


When I joined, I was starting a new business from nothing, and the club was immensely valuable in providing me with referral business. Perhaps more importantly, I found myself in a network of good people, only too happy to provide moral support; small business is not for the faint-hearted!


There is a very high level of trust, cooperation and friendship in Collabrio. Whilst we have fun at our meetings, we never lose sight of our objective to assist each other, not only in the business but personally as well.