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Conroys Accountants


A Chartered Accountancy firm with a proud history

of helping the Queensland business community

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The Firm

Conroys has long standing client relationships extending back to the 1930’s. Our commission free referral network, of which Collabrio is an important part, gives clients a wide range of access in affiliated services and allows you to be secure in the knowledge that any referral we give is based on our belief in the quality of that person’s professionalism. All clients deal with qualified accountants and this promise of personal service means that you, our client, gets the best advice we can give.  

Project Management, Construction and Development

Conroys handles all advisory, taxation and accounting aspects of development projects from the smallest housing development to multi-story developments. This knowledge combined with extensive continuing education in this field gives our clients total assurance that their professional needs are being met. Whether you’re a builder, project manager, architect or tradie we’ve have your needs covered.

Medical Professionals, Specialists and Affiliated Industries

We’ve got Doctors covered. Whether you’re a GP, specialist or physio, Conroys have for many years handled the most complex of structures designed to keep the maximum dollars in your pocket, protect your assets and allow you to concentrate on what you do best. From medical billing systems, structuring to back office support we have a team that can take you from your first Medicare provider number to a functioning hassle free medical practice where you’re fully supported.

Rural Operations

With farmers that range from broad acre to intensive agriculture to cattle, Conroys can help you make the most of your property. We will visit all of our rural property holders, give personal service and understand your special needs on the land. We work with industry representative organisations and we believe this gives us a unique insight into issues affecting rural Australia.

  • Personal Service
  • You deal with a qualified accountant
  • Independent and commission free network referrals
  • Lifetime client relationships

Why I’m a member
of Collabrio…

In small business, the people who best understand your concerns are often your competitors with whom it may be difficult to establish trusting relationships. The business fellowship amongst the members of Collabrio is an excellent vehicle to establish a network of fellow small business operators in areas other than your own; many long-term supportive friendships have been established within the club.