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Develop your presentation skills and friendships whilst developing your business.  Enjoy the company of members with high integrity & strong loyalty.

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How do I join?

  • We invite everyone to initially attend three meetings without commitment, before they decide to join. This gives you a good chance to see what we’re like + it gives us time to see how you might fit in.
  • If after three meetings you think Collabrio might be worthwhile for your business, the group director will have a short interview with you over coffee. There’s one basic rule we do follow — there is only one "full" member representing one particular business sector... so for example, there’s only one solicitor... only one web developer etc. This ensures that there are no conflicts of interest. In special circumstances there can be a member and an associate member in the same category.
  • We may ask you to supply references from people you have done business with, or alternatively people you have worked with in the past, or we may just rely upon the recommendations of a member who has invited you to attend.
  • Lastly, the group director checks with the rest of the group that your business category does not overlap with existing member categories.

Do you have fees?

Yes, we have very modest quarterly fees.

Who owns Collabrio?

Its members. We are completely independent.

Do I get a membership card?


What’s a typical Collabrio member like?

  • A motivated business person with high integrity & strong loyalty.
  • About half of the club members are sole operators. About a quarter are owners of small businesses employing 3–10ish people. The remainder are employees, typically with a business development or sales type role.

Members Benefits

  • Business Opportunities. However, we like to stress to new members that these can take a little while (a few months) to be forthcoming – it takes a while for people to get to know you and what your business offers.
  • Gets you out of bed nice & early on a Thursday.
  • Quickly expands your range of business contacts.
  • Over time, gives you access to a set of trusted like-minded colleagues who can give you good business advice.
  • You get access to our state of the art BizOp App, which enables you to track referrals given and received.
  • If you learn the Collabrio Maxim off by heart, you might win a bottle of wine.
  • The warm sense of camerarderie fosters enduring friendships. You can expect to be amazed at the commitment of our members and want to be a part of what we offer to each other.