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About Us
We're an independent business networking group of like-minded people. We meet weekly in order to exchange Business Opportunities (BizOps)... 



Wisdom & Modernity

Within the club we have a number of wise & experienced business heads — this is balanced by an equally goodly number of youthful, more techno-savvy members. There’s a diverse range of professions & trades stretching from finance to building, to travel consultant. We keep the administration of the club down to an absolute minimum & very firmly online. There is a small, but highly effective management team, which is refreshed on a healthy six monthly basis.


Our core strength is longevity: more than 70% of Collabrio have been members for more than five years. This means we share a high level of trust and a pretty deep understanding of what each of us is searching for with regard to business opportunities. An experienced life member is appointed as a mentor to new members to make them feel a part of our group right from the start.

Fairly loose structure & rules

We have a basic set of rules & a meeting structure (you can find out more about our meetings here), but we’re not slaves to these. We have a constructive attitude towards “Business Opportunities” — we believe that business opportunities should not be forced and will flow naturally through exercising high integrity & strong loyalty.

One basic rule we adhere to is that there is only one "full" member representing one particular business sector... so for example, there’s only one solicitor... only one web developer etc.

Bi-Monthly Soirées

We usually hold these at a local pub or restaurant. The Bi-Monthly Soirées are an opportunity to get to know each other better & a chance to introduce potential members. 

Business Opportunities

The main reason that our networking group has been created is to give and receive business opportunities.  In the process of helping and being helped valuable personal bonds are formed.

Business Opportunities

We have created our own on-line system which enables us to digitally pass & receive business opportunities (or ‘BizOps’).

An email reminder is sent out each week prompting each member to think about & record the business opportunities they have passed to others.

This speeds up the referral process & creates a valuable database of contacts.

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